For Individuals

Most successful leaders have coaches to hone their managerial skills, to find or reshape their purpose, or to identify their values to live by. A coaching engagement creates a space to build self-awareness and move beyond obstacles. Our one-to-one coaching helps leaders become the hero of their own story. 



An exploratory call helps us get on the same page. Together we'll create a plan of action to overcome challenges that you are facing and to align your life with your vision of your best life. Armed with a set of values to live by, you'll have clarity on what it means to thrive on your terms.


Leadership Coaching

The word leadership gets thrown around a lot these days. What leadership fundamentally boils down to is communication. As a leader you get paid to communicate. This communication comes in the form of speech (verbal and written), body language, and everything that is left unsaid. With leadership coaching, we bring an awareness to your leadership style and arm you with the language and distinctions needed to bring more mindfulness to the way you communicate yourself.


LeaDINg As a Coach

In life, we get to a point where the tools we have no longer serve the problems we're facing. In our Leading As A Coach sessions, we teach you basic coaching methodologies that help you go from individual contributor to a manager, who engages in active listening, mentoring, and direct communication. Together, we'll explore your management style and how it relates to others around you. From there, we'll teach you how to flex into different styles to become more effective and enhance your team's effectiveness.

For Companies

We spend a majority of our waking hours at work. And yet, many workplaces just show up without creating the space to thrive together. By creating space, we create context, the how: discussing shared values, understanding different behavioral patterns, and how to communicate effectively with one another.  


Team Behavior assessments

Coworkers have different personalities with different behavior types. Effective teams use these differences to their advantage. On ineffective teams, individuals stick to the behaviors they're most comfortable with. Natural differences clash triggering each other. When two different people don't see the strengths that each brings to the table, they further retreat to their respective corners. In our team behavior assessment trainings, we help teams create a shared language around behavior, build empathy for every style, and finally start being the great team they were meant to be.


Mission & Vision

The hardest part about starting a company is getting it from an idea to a living entity. There comes a point when it takes on a life of its own. If you're not mindful of where it's going and why it exists, it will take on a form that goes against what you believe in. We help you identify your belief system to align your organization with your personal mission.


360 Degree Reviews

Companies often skip 360 degree reviews because slowing down to create context goes against the start-up philosophy of getting sh*t done. We've seen first-hand how not getting anonymous feedback can hide blindspots from leadership, slowly killing the company. We complete this 360 degree process to give leaders full feedback and help them create a personal development plan to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


Succession Planning

As companies transition ownership or leadership, there are questions that need to be answered. Our team completes this multi-stage assessment to provide a clear path forward.