Philip Soriano shot for    Complex    by Douglas Sonders

Philip Soriano shot for Complex by Douglas Sonders


Philip is a leadership coach living in Brooklyn, NY. His main focus is on helping start-up founders and leaders take time to prioritize themselves (and their vision) to live an authentic life. His clients come to him to discuss challenges in their work and personal lives. He creates a safe space without judgement to move beyond these challenges and to explore what a life full of abundance could look like for them.

Philip is the co-founder of Hugh & Crye, a menswear brand based in Washington, DC. After starting the brand at a young age, he sought out a coach to help him tackle his own challenges. A shift in how he observed himself and the world around him brought forward an entirely new set of actions he could take to overcome his challenges. This shift sparked an endless hunger for further self-knowledge and an interest in helping others do the same. As a fellow entrepreneur, Philip is the perfect third party to be in the trenches alongside his clients knowing what they are going through, but also being their separate mirror.

Philip grew up in Heidelberg, Germany. He came to the US to play soccer at the American University, and is a proud dual citizen to both the United States and Germany.